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Jesus Not Me-sus


Jesus Not Me-sus | Evangelixm | Dr Danny GriffinJesus Not Me-sus

by Dr. Danny Griffin

In today’s “Christian” world we often hear, “This is what you need to do to be saved…” However, numerous churches in any town in America will say they have the truth when their doctrines differ greatly from each other.

Which church’s teaching are we to believe?  People are turned off by religion. The same phrases are used by each religious persuasion.  The more religious our society gets, the less people are finding a true relationship with Christ.

These are troubled times and our identity with Jesus Christ will be declared by who we are and how we live rather than by a list of do’s and don’ts or God talk.

Author Danny Griffin demonstrates God’s love and grace to mankind through practical, shoe-leather, living in a broken world and broken lives.  He is an encourager and builder of the faith which every believer should possess in their daily walk. Our walk should be about Jesus not Me-sus.

Learn from Danny’s life lessons and practical teachings.  You will find his book to be encouraging, uplifting and energizing as you seek to live with God’s blessings.

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Christian Growth

Dancing With A Broken Me by Danny Griffin

Jesus Not Me-sus by Danny Griffin

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Dancing With A Broken Me

 Dancing With A Broken Me

A Pilgrim’s Unpredictable Journey

by Danny Griffin

The fifth and final book of the “Dancing With…” series has arrived.  Danny Griffin has masterfully covered sensitive issues gripping many Christians’ lives and families.

In “Dancing With Broken Feet,” Danny dealt with the pain and pressures of marriage including divorce, remarriage, blended families and more.  This book has been a tremendous help to many distressing over personal decisions.

In “Dancing With A Broken World” Danny shared his wisdom and knowledge to wed biblical truth with practical living.

Danny’s book “Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World” has received raving reviews.  It uplifts and encourages the true believer and follower of Christ to be God’s ambassadors in today’s culture and world.

“Dancing With Grace Amazing” rings forth God’s grace as Danny defines and explores this astounding concept.

Finally, in “Dancing With A Broken Me,” Danny personalizes his walk with the LORD and reveals how God has used and sustained him through the years.

This book strives to put the icing on the cake in his “Dancing With…” series.

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Dancing With Grace Amazing!

Dancing With Grace Amazing!

Help for a Needy World!

by Danny Griffin

Dancing With Grace Amazing | Danny Griffin

In our daily lives, God’s grace comes to us in the midst of our inability and failures.  Grace is a power outside human determination and purpose and comes to each of us as an undeserved gift.  Grace is the ultimate power that God has chosen to give life for death, hope for failure, good for evil and virtue for depravity. 

Unfortunately, believers who humbly understand grace are often identified with those who concern themselves with human performance and appearance rather than God’s provision. Grace is not about do, go or be anything, but about “done.”  Experiencing God’s grace is not dependent upon following a formula or living by some other’s guidelines.

The true believer understands that his/her claim to God’s blessing is not a claim to human perfection but a declaration of neediness!

By reading this book, Danny Griffin will open your mind to understanding God’s grace in a way that you have never seen before. It will encourage, strengthen and create a new determination in your walk with Christ.  Get your copy today!

Read the press release here.

Purchase your copy today.  Paperback $12.95  e-book (Kindle) $5.99

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Learn to Dance with Jesus

Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World | Danny GriffinDancing With Jesus In  A Hurting World

Dr. Danny Griffin has been teaching and sharing how to walk in this world as a believer-witness for Christ for over 60 years. This third book, in his series, deals with the hurt of conflicting and confusing ideologies as we walk in our faith journey.

Danny talks candidly about who we are in relation to Jesus and our daily walk.  Our lifestyle should reveal God’s love and grace at work in us. It is more about the walk than the talk. People are hurting everywhere and we as believers are called to “bear one another’s burdens.” The Holy Spirit convicts, God judges and as believers we are to manifest God’s love and grace!

Danny encourages you to be a real and authentic witness for Christ. This book will give insight into what it means to “dance with Jesus” day by day, learning who He is in the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly.


Purchase the paperback or Kindle version here.

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Christian growth – Dancing With A Broken World

Christian Growth

“Dancing With A Broken World”

Dr. Danny Griffin in this second book of the series “Dancing With…” takes a different perspective from the first. In “Dancing With A Broken World” he takes his knowledge from decades of walking with the Lord and weds Biblical truth with practical living and Christian growth.

His first book, “Dancing With Broken Feet” examines broken relationships and how to deal with the pain and pressures of marriage.

Understanding God’s grace in our Christian growth

Understanding God’s grace and applying it to our daily Christian growth is not easy.  Thus we learn to daily depend on Scripture, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

“Many of us were introduced somewhere in our Christian growth journey with the idea that we must fight against our old selfish nature, in order to grow in grace.  This religious idea is not the teaching of Scripture but a concoction of those who think that sinful behavior and thinking can be overcome by fighting our selfish old nature and its desires!  This is fruitless, leading us to a life of constant failure and little or no spiritual Christian growth.” 

Often lecturing or preaching has majored on the theme of fighting our old nature.  In this broken, hurting world filled with anger, violence, apathy and religious nonsense we as BELIEVERS must FOCUS AND REFOCUS our Christian growth moment by moment as we deal daily with life’s many distractions and deceptions.

True victory in our Christian growth

True victory over a lifetime is not the result of a single re-dedication, but a daily walk, one step at a time, by faith, feeding the new nature (our Christian growth) on God’s love, grace and truth from the Scriptures empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The Scripture does not refer to believers as good or bad, but rather weak or strong!  In any given time frame, we can find ourselves both weak and strong.  Victory is found in our lives one minute at a time as we walk by faith, not by feelings, which come and go and are often driven by our hormones!

Join many who have been blessed by the ministry of Danny Griffin as we have learned to live a joyous Christ-following life while living in a broken world.  Purchase a copy of “Dancing In A Broken World” today.

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Self Development

Dancing With A Broken World

Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World

Dancing With Grace Amazing!

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