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Dancing With Broken Feet by Danny Griffin“Dancing With Broken Feet”

By Dr. Danny Griffin

Dealing with the subject of divorce, remarriage and blended families.

This book is the first in a series called “Dancing With…” by Danny Griffin.  Danny has a unique writing and teaching style.  Using practical, real world examples he speaks to the hurt and heartache that his readers are going through.

His Biblically based writings are meant to encourage and equip the reader to endure and gain victory over their current or past experiences.  His thoughts are practical and down-to-earth and avoid unrealistic religious ideas that have no real world value.

“Dancing With Broken Feet” is about the pain of relationships that many have gone through.  Marriage, divorce, remarriage and blended families are common in our culture today.  Those who have endured or are enduring those pains often struggle with feelings of incompleteness, disappointment and guilt.  Many struggle with the idea taught by many religious denominations that they can no longer have a close relationship with God.

Is what occurred in their life wrong? The fact is that these unfortunate events do happen to many believers today. Can God forgive them or do they need forgiveness?  What will happen to the relationships with friends and families they have built?  Can they be happy in a new relationship or will they have to carry the guilt of their actions for the rest of their life?

These questions and many more are answered in this new work by Danny Griffin.  Many people have been greatly encouraged and given strength and vision to lead productive happy lives after reading “Dancing With Broken Feet.”

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“Danny Griffin cuts through the fluff to address the areas people are facing in the real world.  His unique style and spiritual insights bring new understanding to dealing with issues all couples face in marital relationships.  Read this book!  You will be glad you did.”

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