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Press Release – “Dancing With Broken Feet”

New Book AnnouncedMarriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Blended Families

Dancing With Broken Feet

Dealing with the Pain and Pressures of Marriage

Charlotte, NC  — November 27 Carolina Christian Ministries.,  a company dedicated to revealing the grace of God in a practical and understandable way,  announces the printing of its book, “Dancing With Broken Feet”  This book was written to bring hope and encouragement for the difficulties associated with marriage. 

Marriage today is often looked at with disdain and leads many to think they are subverting the idea by living together while trying to lead separate lives.  Those who do desire to form a union together soon find themselves with difficulties and misunderstood feelings that need to be reconciled.

This book is meant to encourage and heal those who are going through that great pain or who have gone through the treacherous waters of divorce and are seeking answers and understanding.

“Having learned over the years,” said author Dr. Danny Griffin, president of Carolina Christian Ministries. “Weddings no matter how elaborate and well planned, NEVER A MARRIAGE MAKE! That along with adultery and the “leave and cleave” commanded in Scripture are the three areas that seem to afflict more pain than any other in the marriage journey.”

The book contains hope and instruction about:

  • Love, marriage, divorce and freedom
  • Naked!
  • This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh
  • Leaving and cleaving
  • Make love not war
  • Sex differences
  • Building a strong grace family
  • And much more

Dr. Danny Griffin has been a pastor and working with people since his freshman year of college.  He has ministered in various capacities from San Antonio, TX to Charlotte, NC.

In 1972 Danny and fifty dedicated men and women, founded Carolina Christian Ministries, Inc., which served as the parent organization of Carolina Christian Fellowship, Carolina Christian Child Development Center, and Carolina Christian Day School.


The professionally published book is available in paperback for $12.95, plus shipping or Kindle version, currently for $5.99, on  The 114 page book is an instruction of God’s grace in marriage and how to deal with its difficulties.

Dr. Danny Griffin holds a B.A. degree from Ouachita University, a M.Div. degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a Th.D. degree from Trinity Seminary in Evansville, Indiana.  Danny is married to Diane Bennett Griffin.  Together they have six children – his, hers and theirs.  They enjoy a wonderfully blended grace family.

About Carolina Christian Ministries (                                                                                

Founded in 1972, Carolina Christian Ministries has ministered to many inner city children and families. After several years as a missionary working with the people of India, Danny returned to North Carolina to continue his teaching and ministry here.  It was after his return that he spent several years developing this book and is now pleased to have it available for others to enjoy and be encouraged by.  For further information visit  Dr. Griffin can be reached via email at [email protected]


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