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Press Release – Is the Rapture Past or Future?

Is The Rapture Past Or Future? | Jimmy Henry

New Book Published

Is The Rapture Past Or Future?

Depopulation in an Instant?

Sulphur Springs, TX  — December 4 — Dr. Jimmy Henry, a pastor in Sulphur Springs, TX, announces the release of his book, “Is The Rapture Past Or Future?” This book was written as a study of the return of Christ commonly known as the Rapture. 

Dr. Jimmy Henry has spent over 66 years in the ministry serving God through the local church.  His passion to reveal prophetic events from the light of Scripture led him to write this book.

Over the past 200 years the common teaching about Christ’s return indicates a future event on the horizon.  However, does this view agree with the statements of the Bible?

“Many preachers teach that we are living in the last days.” said author Dr. Jimmy Henry, “Many predictions have been made as to when the Rapture would occur, but all have failed. It is time to take another look at the writings of Scripture.”

The book addresses subjects such as:

  • The great and dreadful day of the Lord
  • The stone the builders rejected
  • According to God’s will
  • What ever happened to the Devil?
  • Has the day of miracles ended?
  • The doom of Jerusalem
  • The ending of the old age
  • Establishing the kingdom of Christ
  • And more

Dr. Jimmy Henry has written and published seventeen books. He is a believer in the Sovereignty of God and Full Preterism.

His greatest desire is to share those truths he has learned through many years of study with those that hunger and thirst after righteousness.

The professionally published book is available in paperback for $19.95, plus shipping or Kindle version, currently for $8.99.  The 291 page book correlates the prophecies of the Old Testament with the events of the New Testament.

About Jimmy Henry

James A. (Jimmy) Henry has been a Baptist Minister for 66 years.  He has pastored nine churches in Texas and Arkansas.  He is presently pastor of Caney Baptist Church in Pickton, TX.

He graduated from Jacksonville Baptist College  with an A. A. & Th. B.  From Baylor University with a B.A.  from Ouachita Baptist University with an M.A.  From North American Theoligical Seminary with a B.D. Th.M.  From American Divinity School with a Th. D. And also received an Honorary Litt. D.

Jimmy also served as Executive Director of the Ministers Benefit Department for eight years.

He married Bennie L. Frye in 1954. They have four children, seven grand children and sixteen great grand children.

Dr. Henry can be reached via email at [email protected]


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Press Release-Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World

Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World | Danny GriffinAnnouncing

“Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World”
Legend, Lunatic, Liar or LORD?

CHARLOTTE, NC — AUGUST 27 – Carolina Christian Ministries., a company dedicated to revealing the grace of God in a practical and understandable way, announces the printing of its book, “Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World.” This book deals with the conflicting and confusing religious ideologies of today.

Dr. Danny Griffin, in this third book of the series “Dancing With…,” shares his knowledge of how to walk in this world as a believer-witness for Christ.
This book is meant to teach new believers as well as seasoned followers of Christ how to be an effective witness for Christ. People are hurting everywhere and we as believers are called to “bear one another’s burdens.” Our lifestyle should reveal God’s love and grace at work in us.
“We are the church victorious in a hurting world, victimized by religions of many kinds,” said author Dr. Danny Griffin, president of Carolina Christian Ministries. “We, as believers, have a tendency to follow the line of least resistance. As a result, we have often chosen to use man’s methods to do God’s work.”

Dr. Griffin often uses intriguing chapter titles to stimulate the mind:
• What’s The Question?
• Hide And Seek
• The Sound And Fury
• The King Is Coming
• Fruit Of The Womb
• God Told Me?
• Prophets Or Profits?
• The Charade Parade
• And many more

Dr. Danny Griffin has been a pastor and working with people since his freshman year of college. He has ministered in various capacities from San Antonio, TX to Charlotte, NC.

In 1972 Danny and fifty dedicated men and women, founded Carolina Christian Ministries, Inc., which served as the parent organization of Carolina Christian Fellowship, Carolina Christian Child Development Center, and Carolina Christian Day School.

This professionally published book is available in paperback for $18.95, plus shipping or Kindle version, currently for $9.99. You can purchase the book through this link. The 217 page book gives purpose and direction for those seeking to be more Christ like in their daily walk.

Dr. Danny Griffin holds a B.A. degree from Ouachita University, a M.Div. degree from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a Th.D. degree from Trinity Seminary in Evansville, Indiana. Danny is married to Diane Bennett Griffin. Together they have six children – his, hers and theirs. They enjoy a wonderfully blended grace family.
About Carolina Christian Ministries (

Founded in 1972, Carolina Christian Ministries has ministered to many inner city children and families. After several years as a missionary working with the people of India, Danny returned to North Carolina to continue his teaching and ministry here. It was after his return that he spent several years developing this book and is now pleased to have it available for others to enjoy and be encouraged by. For further information visit Dr. Griffin can be reached via email at [email protected]

Read the book description here.

Order your copy today!  Paperback $18.95  Kindle e-book $9.99

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