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Dancing With Grace Amazing!

Dancing With Grace Amazing!

Help for a Needy World!

by Danny Griffin

Dancing With Grace Amazing | Danny Griffin

In our daily lives, God’s grace comes to us in the midst of our inability and failures.  Grace is a power outside human determination and purpose and comes to each of us as an undeserved gift.  Grace is the ultimate power that God has chosen to give life for death, hope for failure, good for evil and virtue for depravity. 

Unfortunately, believers who humbly understand grace are often identified with those who concern themselves with human performance and appearance rather than God’s provision. Grace is not about do, go or be anything, but about “done.”  Experiencing God’s grace is not dependent upon following a formula or living by some other’s guidelines.

The true believer understands that his/her claim to God’s blessing is not a claim to human perfection but a declaration of neediness!

By reading this book, Danny Griffin will open your mind to understanding God’s grace in a way that you have never seen before. It will encourage, strengthen and create a new determination in your walk with Christ.  Get your copy today!

Read the press release here.

Purchase your copy today.  Paperback $12.95  e-book (Kindle) $5.99

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