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Jesus Not Me-sus


Jesus Not Me-sus | Evangelixm | Dr Danny GriffinJesus Not Me-sus

by Dr. Danny Griffin

In today’s “Christian” world we often hear, “This is what you need to do to be saved…” However, numerous churches in any town in America will say they have the truth when their doctrines differ greatly from each other.

Which church’s teaching are we to believe?  People are turned off by religion. The same phrases are used by each religious persuasion.  The more religious our society gets, the less people are finding a true relationship with Christ.

These are troubled times and our identity with Jesus Christ will be declared by who we are and how we live rather than by a list of do’s and don’ts or God talk.

Author Danny Griffin demonstrates God’s love and grace to mankind through practical, shoe-leather, living in a broken world and broken lives.  He is an encourager and builder of the faith which every believer should possess in their daily walk. Our walk should be about Jesus not Me-sus.

Learn from Danny’s life lessons and practical teachings.  You will find his book to be encouraging, uplifting and energizing as you seek to live with God’s blessings.

Get your copy today!  Click here.

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