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Is The Rapture Past Or Future?

Is The Rapture Past Or Future? | Jimmy HenryIs The Rapture Past Or Future?

Depopulation in an Instant?

by Dr. Jimmy Henry

Did you grow up being told that at any minute Jesus could return? The idea of the Rapture was virtually unknown before the early 1800’s.

Over the past 200 years this view has become widely accepted by fundamental Christians in America.  It is the common view taught in many Bible colleges and seminaries.

Many preachers have taught that we are living in the “last days.” Many predictions have been made as to when that miraculous appearing of Jesus would be fulfilled. However, each and every one has come and gone without that great event occurring.

This book presents a different view and understanding of this scriptural happening. Is the Rapture a past or future event?  It’s time to look at this important event in a logical manner relying on scripture to reveal the answer. If you are willing to question what you have been taught, then you will be delighted to see what the Bible reveals.  Purchase your copy today.

Read the press release here.

Purchase your copy today.  Paperback $19.95  e-book (Kindle) $8.99

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