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Press Release-Promises Made Promises Kept

“Promises Made Promises Kept”Promises Made Promises Kept by Dr Jimmy Henry

A Study Of The Promises Made By GOD To His People

Sulphur Springs, TX  — June 6 — Dr. Jimmy Henry, a pastor in Sulphur Springs, TX, announces the release of his book, “Promises Made Promises Kept” This book was written as a study of GOD’s promises. 

Dr. Jimmy Henry has spent over 66 years in the ministry serving God through the local church.  His passion to reveal truth from the light of Scripture led him to write this book.

Using mainly scripture, Dr Henry’s latest book is a study of the promises made in the Bible and proof that they were kept.

Many people question whether the Bible can be trusted.  Many unbelievers and doubters falsely claim that the Bible cannot be trusted to do what GOD says He will do. This book strives to show that GOD is faithful and will fulfill or has fulfilled what was prophesied.

“When I undertook the writing of this book, I followed the principle of how Paul spoke to King Agrippa,” said author Jimmy Henry, “and that was to use Scripture to prove the promises and faithfulness of GOD.”

The book addresses subjects such as:

  • Jesus is the key to understanding scripture
  • GOD chose the nation of Israel
  • Israel was chosen for a special purpose
  • GOD promised a Saviour
  • GOD promised to save
  • GOD promised a new heaven and earth
  • And more…

Dr. Jimmy Henry has written and published seventeen books. He is a believer in the Sovereignty of God and Full Preterism.

His greatest desire is to share those truths he has learned through many years of study with those that hunger and thirst after righteousness.

The professionally published book is available in paperback for $11.95, plus shipping or Kindle version, currently for $5.99.  “Promises Made Promises Kept” is a  68 page book about the promises of GOD.

About Jimmy Henry

James A. (Jimmy) Henry has been a Baptist Minister for 66 years.  He has pastored nine churches in Texas and Arkansas.  He is presently pastor of Caney Baptist Church in Pickton, TX.

He graduated from Jacksonville Baptist College  with an A. A. & Th. B.  From Baylor University with a B.A.  from Ouachita Baptist University with an M.A.  From North American Theoligical Seminary with a B.D. Th.M.  From American Divinity School with a Th. D. And also received an Honorary Litt. D.

Jimmy also served as Executive Director of the Ministers Benefit Department for eight years.

He married Bennie L. Frye in 1954. They have four children, seven grand children and sixteen great grand children.

Dr. Henry can be reached via email at [email protected]


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