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Dancing With A Broken Me

 Dancing With A Broken Me

A Pilgrim’s Unpredictable Journey

by Danny Griffin

The fifth and final book of the “Dancing With…” series has arrived.  Danny Griffin has masterfully covered sensitive issues gripping many Christians’ lives and families.

In “Dancing With Broken Feet,” Danny dealt with the pain and pressures of marriage including divorce, remarriage, blended families and more.  This book has been a tremendous help to many distressing over personal decisions.

In “Dancing With A Broken World” Danny shared his wisdom and knowledge to wed biblical truth with practical living.

Danny’s book “Dancing With Jesus In A Hurting World” has received raving reviews.  It uplifts and encourages the true believer and follower of Christ to be God’s ambassadors in today’s culture and world.

“Dancing With Grace Amazing” rings forth God’s grace as Danny defines and explores this astounding concept.

Finally, in “Dancing With A Broken Me,” Danny personalizes his walk with the LORD and reveals how God has used and sustained him through the years.

This book strives to put the icing on the cake in his “Dancing With…” series.

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