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Press Release – Dancing With Grace Amazing!


Dancing With Grace Amazing!

Help for a Needy World!

Dancing With Grace Amazing | Danny Griffin

Charlotte, NC  — December 5 Carolina Christian Ministries.,  a company dedicated to revealing the grace of God in a practical and understandable way,  announces the printing of its book, “Dancing With Grace Amazing!”  This book deals with the grace of God as He interacts with a sinful and needy world. 

Dr. Danny Griffin, in this fourth book of the series “Dancing With…,” brings meaning and definition to what grace truly is.

This book is meant to encourage, strengthen, teach and bring focus to understanding and benefiting from God’s grace.  The world of religion often develops a cosmetic, plastic piety in its followers. Understanding God’s grace reveals neediness rather than personal performance.

Grace is the ultimate power that God has chosen to give life for death, hope for failure, good for evil and virtue for depravity,” said author Dr. Danny Griffin, president of Carolina Christian Ministries. “Unfortunately, believers who humbly understand grace are often identified with those who concern themselves with human performance and appearance rather than God’s provision.”

Dr. Griffin uniquely uses the acrostic GRACE to explain and define:

  • Birth Life
  • Growth Life
  • Body Life/Personal Life
  • Body Life/Corporate Life
  • Worship Life
  • Witness Life
  • Family Life
  • Study Life
  • And more

Dr. Danny Griffin has been a pastor and working with people since his freshman year of college.  He has ministered in various capacities from San Antonio, TX to Charlotte, NC.

In 1972 Danny and fifty dedicated men and women, founded Carolina Christian Ministries, Inc., which served as the parent organization of Carolina Christian Fellowship, Carolina Christian Child Development Center, and Carolina Christian Day School.

This professionally published book is available in paperback for $12.95, plus shipping or Kindle version, currently for $5.99. Find out more or purchase through  The 106 page book gives purpose and direction for those seeking to be more Christ like in their daily walk.

Dr. Danny Griffin holds a B.A. degree from Ouachita University, a M.Div. degree from Southern Seminary in Louis

ville, Kentucky and a Th.D. degree from Trinity Seminary in Evansville, Indiana.  Danny is married to Diane Bennett Griffin.  Together they have six children – his, hers and theirs.  They enjoy a wonderfully blended grace family.

About Carolina Christian Ministries (                                                                            

Founded in 1972, Carolina Christian Ministries has ministered to many inner city children and families. After several years as a missionary working with the people of India, Danny returned to North Carolina to continue his teaching and ministry here.  It was after his return that he spent several years developing this book and is now pleased to have it available for others to enjoy and be encouraged by.  For further information visit  Dr. Griffin can be reached via email at [email protected]



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