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GOD’s Indestructible World


The Age of Judaism vs. The Age of The Church 

By Dr. Jimmy Henry 

Are we now living in the “last days” of planet earth?  Is the Lord Jesus coming soon and bringing everything to an end?  This has been the belief of millions of Christians for hundreds of years.  Did God create this earth just to destroy it one day?

The views presented in this book differ greatly from the traditional views presented by many.  In this book Dr. Henry seeks to apply sound rules of interpretation and reveal how the Bible is a book of symbolic language in that it is laced with figurative expressions and uses cosmic imagery extensively.

Instead of living in fear that the world is soon to be destroyed in a blaze of fire, Dr. Henry shows that the language used about the end of the world and all the devastation predicted, actually applied to the Old Covenant age of Judaism and not to planet earth.

Effort is made to explain the figurative and symbolic expressions and show that it was fulfilled during the forty years between the ascension of Jesus in approximately AD 30 and His glorious return in judgment on Israel in AD 70.

Men are urged to begin to live in hope of a bright and unending future for themselves and their children, not in gloom and despair fearing that everything might end at any moment.  It is the author’s contention that the earth was made to abide forever just as Solomon said, “One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.” Ecclesiastes 1:4

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