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Don K Preston - There Is A Better Way
Dr. Jimmy Henry blessed us with his first book, The Glorious Return a wonderful book demonstrating the reality of Christ’s fulfilled coming at the end of the Old Covenant world in AD 70. Now, he has given us another excellent book, There Is A Better Way, a brief commentary on the marvelous book of Hebrews. This is a book that focuses on Hebrews’ paranetic – exhortative – message. It is not polemic. It is not pedantic. It is wonderfully encouraging and helpful! Dr. Henry goes through the book, in easy reading style, showing the first century fulfillment of God’s promises, and how that was intended to encourage the reader not to forsake Jesus, God’s promised Savior, to return to the Old Covenant with its foreshadowing sacrifices and cultus. Jesus was and is the reality! Why desert him to return to the world of shadows? In showing the first century fulfillment of God’s promises, Henry then makes some very powerful, very effective, very comforting applications of what Hebrews stressed, and what that means for followers of Jesus today. You may not agree with every minor point that Dr. Henry makes. But, don’t read it to find fault, read it to understand, to embrace and rejoice in the undeniable reality, illustrated so well by Henry, that Jesus is better than Torah. He is better than anything or anyone! There truly is a better way, and it is Jesus!
Don K PrestonPresidentPreterist Research Institute